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Psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor, lecturer & author

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I offer psychotherapy to adults, children, young people, families as well as supervision.

I work in private practice and the NHS, and have worked at the Tavistock and Portman Clinics for over 15 years. I teach and lecture on various courses in the UK and abroad, lecture internationally, and have published widely, in academic journals, and edited and sole-authored books.


Below are a selection of Graham Music’s books.
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Respark – Now on sale eg  here!

Igniting hope and joy after trauma and depression

“This book is absolutely brilliant, beautifully written, with a fantastic central metaphor about sparking and those who have lost spark.”
Dr. Karen Treisman. MBE, TedX speaker, author

How can we respark hope and joy after depression and trauma? Acclaimed psychotherapist and trauma expert, Graham Music, distills decades of experience into a road-map for reigniting zest and optimism in troubled adults and children.

In these challenging times many feel unmotivated, listless and have lost their mojo. Some have retreated after trauma, others are depressed, or succumb to addictive temptations such as screens. Too many have lost both ease and enthusiasm.

Weaving cutting-edge science, therapeutic wisdom, and deep humanity, Music uses fascinating tales from the consulting room and life to outline the steps needed in each case to regenerate confidence and desire.

Whether you are a therapist, professional, parent, or just looking to find inspiration, this book offers a captivating and hope-filled journey, showing how we can rediscover vitality and passion to live richer lives.

Nurturing Children

“Dr Music is certainly one of the best and probably the most deep thinking child psychotherapists in the world. This beautiful book distills decades of neuro-clinical thinking, interpreting children’s and young people’s experience and behavior in terms of the most applicable and scientifically credible models of mind. …I could not recommend a book more strongly.”

Professor Peter Fonagy OBE, UCL;
Chief Executive of the Anna Freud National Centre

Drawing on decades of experience, internationally respected clinician and trainer Graham Music tackles major issues affecting troubled children, including trauma, neglect, depression and violence. Using psychoanalysis alongside modern developmental thinking from neurobiology, attachment and trauma theory and mindfulness, Music creates his own distinctive blend of approaches to help even the most traumatised of children. 

A mix of personal accounts and therapeutic riches, Nurturing Children will appeal to anyone helping children, young people and families to lead fuller lives.

Affect and Emotion

This small volume is a fully revised and updated edition of a book first published by the Freud Museum. It illustrates how psychoanalytic insights get to the heart of our emotional and affective lives. The central message is that a good understanding of emotions enables us to tolerate a broader range of experiences, both positive and negative, and enhances our capacity to live fuller and richer lives.

Nurturing Natures

This new edition of the bestselling text, Nurturing Natures, provides an indispensable synthesis of the latest scientific knowledge about children’s emotional development. Integrating a wealth of both up-to-date and classical research from areas such as attachment theory, neuroscience developmental psychology and cross-cultural studies, it weaves these into an accessible enjoyable text which always keeps in mind children recognisable to academics, practitioners and parents.

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of events that Graham Music will be speaking at or which Graham Music will deliver as a trainer.

February 10, 2024

Courage in trauma Work

Event Link

When to Be Brave & When to Stay Safe – Working with Child Trauma

Organiser: Adoption Plus
Location: online
March 9, 2024

Early Years Conference Cornwall

A 2 day conference for early years practitioners in Cornwall

Organiser: Together for Families Cornwall
Location: Wadebridge Pavilion
March 20, 2024

Working with Trauma related Attachment in Short-term work

Part of a series from Birkbeck on short term work with young opeople

Organiser: Birkbeck
Location: online
April 19, 2024

Resparking: Working courageously with trauma and neglect

A days training on trauma and neglect and when clients need help regulating and when they can benefit from challenge

Organiser: Brighton Therapy partnership
Location: online
May 21, 2024

Lecture in Trauma Series

Casppari talks

Organiser: Caspari Foundation
May 31, 2024

CCPE in-house training, on attachment and the brain

Training child psychotherapy trainees

Organiser: CCPE
Location: CCPE


Here is a selection of videos where Graham Music discusses areas of counselling and psychotherapy, his books and current topics. 

Psychology research and child development blog

In Graham Music’s blog  he critically introduces, and contextualises, new research findings from developmental research, neuroscience, attachment theory and other areas of psychology that are topical or are likely to whet the appetite of anyone interested.


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What I offer

I have undertaken extensive trainings as both an adult and a child and adolescent psychotherapist. I work with adults and parents in private practice and with children and adolescents primarily in the NHS.  I have worked at the Tavistock Clinic in London for over a decade, an internationally renowned NHS  Foundation Trust which provides clinical services and trains therapists and other professionals.  I teach on the child psychotherapy and other psychological therapy courses at the Tavistock, and supervises therapists there. I also lead on training in child development, neuroscience and attachment theory, and have a particular interest in linking cutting-edge developmental findings with therapeutic practice. My clinical work in the NHS is primarily with issues of trauma and the effect of maltreatment on children as well as on the families and other adults in the lives of such children.


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Graham Music is located near Tufnell Park underground station, easily accessed from Kentish Town, Islington, Highgate, Archway, Camden, Holloway, Finsbury Park (N1, N7, N19, N5, NW1, NW3, NW5).

Tufnell Park, London, UK

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