• Systemic Way Podcast: Recaiming Attachment Theoy and the interplay between neurobiology,  developmetal psychology systemic thuinking  listen here
  • Podcast with with amazing Dr Dave on Shrinkrap Radion on the themes of the  book Respark listen here 
  • Podcast about 1001 days with Babbu, Charlie Rosier , listen here 
  • Radio 4 program about the long-term health impact of Adverse Childhood experiences – Listen here
  • Does Altruiism exist? Weekend University listen here
  • Therapeutic work with neglected children and adults, MINDinMIND with with Jane O’Rourke Listen here
  • All in the Mind, Radio 4, sexually compulsive behaviour | 24th November 2015 Listen here
  • Interview on The Good Life, Myandtalk radio, Washington, Dr pam brewer |  13th July 2014Listen here
  • Woman’s Hour; Radio 4. On Empathy with Lesley Jamison, Jane Garvey | Listen here
  • Moncrieff, talk Radio Ireland, The Good Life – May 2014 | Listen here
  • Radio 4, All in the Mind, with Mark Mcdermott on teenage rebellion – 13th May 2014 | Listen here

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