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This blog is to critically introduce, and contextualise, new research findings from developmental research, neuroscience, attachment theory and other areas of psychology that are topical or are likely to whet the appetite of anyone interested. The aim is to discuss research which will feel relevant and which might even, if lucky, make a difference to how we approach our work or other areas of our lives.

Group identity, tribalism, and war

Group identity, tribalism, and war

These are frightening moments for many in and on the edge of Europe. I write this as tanks and missiles are letting rip in the Ukraine and some think the UK has a government led by a party bankrolled by Russian money, and that Russian control of social media swayed the Brexit referendum. These are issues beyond my capacity to comment on as a psychotherapist, but I just offer a few thoughts about our human predisposition for group loyalty, banding together against the ‘other’ and how being a  group species is the best and worst of human nature.
Ode to the sloth:  Time to slow, rest and regain energy

Ode to the sloth: Time to slow, rest and regain energy

In these short winter days with so few hours of sunlight,  there can be a tendency to slow down,, quieten, turn inwards. There are different kinds of quietness, immobility, stilling and being inward.

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