Childhood Obesity: A re-examination of what is really causing it

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“There has been a shocking redirection of responsibilities onto individuals and away from the real culprits including poverty, childhood trauma, inequality, stressful environments and of course the powerful food industry”.

According to one recent report 1 in 5 children are obese when they start primary school and one in 3 by the time they begin secondary school.  Obesity is increasingly recognised as a major health issue and clear links exist between early obesity and a frightening range of health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, even cancer and of course it has also been linked with serious cases of covid-19, especially fatal ones. ………..obesity, including in childhood, has in most countries increased significantly in recent decades. Its increase in childhood is especially worrying, given how adipocyte numbers remain throughout the lifespan. A major worry for me is the links between obesity and cognitive deficits, not only on the elderly, which link to poorer attention, worse executive functioning and suboptimal verbal learning,  This is on top of the cascade of serious physiological problems linked to obesity as life proceeds, from diabetes heart-disease and even cancer. This is really and truly deadly serious. Incredibly a recent government report suggested that obesity costs the NHS more than the police, fire-services and judicial systems combined.  Given the clear link between obesity, covid mortality and a range of health issues, we cannot afford not to act.

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