Past Events

Graham Music offers bespoke training and consultancy for a range of institutions and services. These range from one-off talks and conferences to full-days. Below is a list of all past events Graham has participated in or delivered.

Events list


  • 14/5/2022
    Adolescent Brain Development
    Confer course on Eco Psychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind
    Organiser: Confer | Location: Emerson College, Sussex
  • 13/5/2022
    ISTDP adolescent training
    Training Day in ISTDP b
    Organiser: ISTDP London | Location: BPS London
  • 6/5/2022
    Neurobiology and early experience
    Inhouse training half day, for child psychotherapy course
    Organiser: CCPE | Location: CCPE
  • 4/5/2022
    consultation to BeSafe Team in Bristol
    In-house consultation and training
    Organiser: BeSafe | Location: online
  • 3/5/2022
    Days Training on Attachment, ruptures and repair, early defences and the development of empathy
    Training Day for IATE child MA tudents
    Organiser: iate | Location: Islington
  • 25/4/2022
    Understanding sexual and other perpetrators
    INSET day
    Organiser: Detention Action | Location: Bethnal Green
  • 5/4/2022
    Talk on resparking from shut down states in adolescents
    inset for therapy service
    Organiser: YPCS Cambridgeshire | Location: online
  • 3/4/2022

    Pluralogue 34: celebrating Graham Music’s new book, ‘Respark’
    Organiser: Relational Spaces | Location: online
  • 23/3/2022
    Talk on relational aspects of trauma
    Importance of relationships in clinical care
    Organiser: Joint Faculty Virtual Conference- General Adult and Medical Psychotherapy | Location: online
  • 19/3/2022
    Ecotherapy and the developing Mind
    Organiser: Confer |
  • 15/3/2022
    MINDinMIND legacy interview
    Discussion of working with withdrawn states and trauma
    Organiser: MINDinMIND | Location: online
  • 14/3/2022
    Lecture on Working therapeutically with sexual offending and acting out
    Half day for IATE students
    Organiser: iate | Location: Islington
  • 1/3/2022
    Days training on Pre-natal life, post-natal capacities and the infant in the client and clinician
    Training Day for IATE child MA tudents
    Organiser: iate | Location: Islington
  • 8/2/2022
    Neuroscience and psychoanalysis
    to be re-arranged
    Talk on Neuroscience and psychoanalysis
    Organiser: Institute of Psychoanalysis | Location: online
  • 2/2/2022
    ACES and their importance
    2 day training about ACES in Finland (in Finnish with translation!)
    Location: online
  • 29/1/2022
    The adolescent brain and contemporary challenges
    Explore the adolescent brain, and some of the challenges that working with young people can present.
    Organiser: Sunflower Project | Location: Online
  • 22/1/2022
    Neurobiological ways of understanding the dysregulated mind
    Part of Psychopathology Diploma 2021
    Organiser: Confer |
  • 15/1/2022
    Resparking hope after trauma and depression
    Organiser: Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Private Practice (CaPPP) | Location: online
  • 11/1/2022
    Buzz traps, tech, addiction
    Talk about tech, addictive states and how we can understand healthy and unhealthy uses of screens and how all this fits with evolutionary drivers
    Organiser: Reading Therapies Group | Location: online


  • 19/12/2021
    Talk on ‘Does altruism exist?. Attachment, neurobiology and optimal wellbeing
    Part of a day on human nature
    Organiser: Weekend University | Location: online
  • 18/11/2021
    Adolescence, technology, addiction and the brain
    Location: Academy of Excellence 6th form college, Stratford
  • 9/11/2021
    Neurodevelopment and Implications for Practice
    Organiser: Anna Freud Centre | Location: Online
  • 8/11/2021
    Understanding and Healing from Childhood Trauma and Adversity
    CVAA Expert-led training
    Organiser: Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) | Location: Online
  • 6/11/2021
    Resparking From Neglect And Other Shut-Down States Possible Neglect, And Its Neglect?
    Organiser: School of Infant Mental Health | Location: online
  • 4/11/2021
    Relational approaches to recovery from childhood trauma
    Panel with Betsy de Thierry, Alex Hasset. This is a free seminar
    Organiser: Childhood Trauma Recovery Network UK | Location: Online
  • 1/11/2021
    IATE adult training
    Thinking about the Impact of Early Relationships and Early Trauma
    Organiser: iate |
  • 16/10/2021
    The Roots of Resilience – How Mismatches & Ruptures are Opportunities for Growth
    A close look at developing resilience, and how to work with this in the therapy room.
    Organiser: Sunflower Project | Location: Online
  • 5/10/2021
    Day training on Long-term effects of trauma, abuse and neglect
    Training Day for IATE child MA tudents
    Organiser: iate | Location: Islington
  • 2/10/2021
    Attachment, Trauma & The Body | The Therapeutic & Supervisory Process
    Day event
    Organiser: Cambridge Supervision Training | Location: Royston, nr. Cambridge
  • 14/9/2021
    Trauma, attachment, brains and where it all starts
    Thinking about early development and the effects of trauma and maltreatment on early and later outcomes
    Organiser: Childhood Trauma Recovery Network (CTRN) | Location: online
  • 1/9/2021
    Meadow School INSET day
    Attachment and the brain
    Organiser: Meadow School |
  • 2/8/2021
    Tics, tourettes and anxiety in a post covid world
    Tics, Tourettes & Anxiety in post C_vid world:: An introductory conversation for counsellors/psychotherapists working with school/college ages
    Location: online
  • 25/7/2021
    Psychoanalysis for the People: Free Clinics and the Social Mission of Psychoanalysis
    Organiser: Freud Museum London | Location: Online
  • 26/6/2021
    Working with Trauma – Part 2
    Withdrawn shut-down states with hard to work with clients
    Organiser: Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education |
  • 18/6/2021
    Working with Trauma – Part 1
    Developmental Trauma and PTSD
    Organiser: Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education |
  • 29/5/2021
    Dampened Down States
    Day event
    Organiser: Centro Studi Martha Harris | Location: Online
  • 21/5/2021
    Call to the Wild
    Postponed due to pandemic
    Eco-psychotherapy retreat
    Organiser: Confer | Location: Lauriston Hall Scotland.
  • 8/5/2021
    Playfulness in Psychotherapy. Why we need it and what gets in the way?
    Integrating cutting edge science and therapeutic thinking.
    Organiser: Basingstoke counselling service | Location: Online
  • 4/5/2021
    Attachment, ruptures and repairs and defences
    Organiser: IATE |
  • 20/4/2021
    Adolescent Brain, Nature and Nurture
    Eco-psychotherapy Series
    Organiser: Confer | Location: Online
  • 20/4/2021
    Eco-psychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind
    Contemporary approaches to integrating eco-psychotherapy into psychotherapeutic work with young people.
    Organiser: Confer | Location: TBC
  • 10/4/2021
    Reclaiming play after the pandemic
    For MINDinMIND with Penny Wilson and Laura Walsh
    Organiser: MINDinMIND | Location: Online
  • 27/3/2021
    Children and Nature
    Eco-psychotherapy Conference
    Organiser: Confer |
  • 24/3/2021
    Understanding Relational Trauma
    Trauma conference keynote
    Organiser: Oxleas Greenwich CAMHS |
  • 23/3/2021
    Talk on the brain and trauma
    Organiser: Family Adoption Support |
  • 14/3/2021
    Adolescent brains
    Talk on adolescent brains at Cambridge conference
    Organiser: Society of Analytic Psychology (Jungian) |
  • 2/3/2021
    Infancy, prenatal life and its importance in clinical work
    IATE child training
    Organiser: IATE |
  • 21/2/2021
    Presentation on fathers
    Speaking with Judith Edwards and Anne Alvarez
    Organiser: American Psychoanalytic Association |
  • 8/2/2021
    Forensic issues, pornography and violence
    Adult training
    Organiser: IATE |
  • 5/2/2021
    Working With Shut Down and Undrawn States
    A one day workshop with Dr Graham Music and Dr Anne Alvarez
    Organiser: Confer |
  • 27/1/2021
    Infant Mental Health
    Organiser: ITSIEY, ANNA Freud/Tavistock |
  • 23/1/2021
    Neglect, shut-down states and hard to reach clients
    Organiser: Sunflower Project |
  • 14/1/2021
    Working with Trauma at the Tavistock: Tradition and innovative thinking
    Tavistock Centenary Lecture Series
    Organiser: The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust |


  • 10/11/20
    CYP iapt Under 5’s course, Anna Freud Centre.  Neurodevelopment and Implications for Practice
  • 9/11/20
    CVAA Training for Adoption Agencies ..
  • 19/10/20
    IATE adult training attachment and early years
  • 16/10/20
    Tavistock Relatonships (TCCR) Evening talk: Clinical challenges in working with emotionally flat, shut-down emotional states  .. Now on Zoom
  • 13/10/20
    IATE child training. Longterm effects of early experiences
  • 5/10/20
    Good Grief Training
  • 26/9/20
    Training Day on Trauma, Bournmouth : South West Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists .. Now on Zoom .. 10am to 1pm details here
  • 21/9/20
  • ITSIEY (nternational Training School for Infancy and Early Years) . Anna Freud/Tavistock
  • 16/9/20
    Oxleas Greenwich CAMHS trauma conference keynote
    Understanding Relational Trauma  cancelled
  • 2/9/20
    Catch-22 Oxford. Inset on attachment, trauma and the brain
  • 1/9/20
    Inset day Furze Platt Senior School in Maidenhead
  • 26/6/20
    ISTDP LOndon  .. Attachment, trauma and the body
  • 20/6/20
  • Confer Conference:
    Working With Shut Down and Undrawn States.
    A one day workshop with Dr Graham Music and Dr Anne Alvarez cancelled
  • 16/6/20
    Paediatric Psychology Network (PPN) Annual Conference  (Friends meeting House)
    Attachment: Evolution and Relevance to Contemporary Practice in Paediatric Psychology  POSTPONED
  • 5/6/20
    ISTDP LOndon  .. Attachment, trauma and the body 
  • Cambridge Supervision Training: Day Event
    Linking Attachment, trauma and the Body in a psychodynamic supervisory context POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 2021
  • 14/5/19
    Attachment today
    Tavistock Centenary Policy Seminars with Pasco Fearon .. cancelled
  • 6/5/20
    IATE: Attachment, defences and the place of empathy
  • 24/4/20
    Tavistock Relatonships (TCCR) Evening talk: Clinical challenges in working with emotionally flat, shut-down emotional states  POSTPONED to 16th october
  • 25/3/20
    OXleas Greenwich CAMHS trauma conference keynote  POSTPONED TO 16TH SEPTEMBER
    Understanding Relational Trauma
  • 20th to 21st/3/20
    Confer: Adverse childhood experiences. Igniting Resilience and Hope More information  POSTPONED TO 14TH/15TH MAY 2021
  • 17/3/20
    Tavistock Graduation Ceremony: Citation to honour doctorate to Lemn Sissay  POSTPONED

    Training on ACE’s to Royal Free Hospital Staff  POSTPONED
  • 13/3/20
    Sage Gateshead: Community Music Conference: Keynote
  • 6/3/20
    Reclaiming Play and Creativity to Enhance Resilience
    Evening Talk: Sunflower project
  • 4/3/20
    ITSIEY Parent-Infant training (Tavistock and Anna Freud Centre)
    Play, Empathy and the Brain
  • 3/3/20
    IATE Child Training: Prenatal life and very early experience
  • 27-28/2/20
    centro Studi Martha Harris, Palermo: booklaunch and conference ..POSTPONED
  • 10/2/20
    Iate adult training. Forensic issues
  • 1/2/20
    Truro:  South West psychotherapy seminars. whole day event. Epiphany house
    Dettails here 
  • 24/1/20
    Shame, Guilt and Trauma, unpacked using jewish jokes alongside psychoanalysis and neurobiology
    WPF Therapy 50th Anniversary talks series
  • 14/1/20
    Waterloo Community Counselling evening talk.
    Trauma through the lens of neurobiology, attachment theory, psychoanalysis  and the body.
  • 13/1/20
    ITSIEY Parent-Infant training (Tavistock and Anna Freud Centre)
    Neurobiology, and infancy
  • 6/1/20
    Catch-22 School
    Inset day on attachment


  • 10/12/19
    IPCAPA/BPF Conference. Trauma, the brain and body, clinical implications
  • 15-16/11/19
    Nscience 2  day event with Jeremy Holmes
    Attachment and the Relational Brain
  • 7/11/19
    Trauma, brains and nervous systems. Challenges to therapeutic technique
    Tavistock Trauma Series: Information here
  • 29/10/19
    St Austel, Cornwall: Peninsula Psycho dynamic Courses:
    Day conference with Amanada Jones, Childhood Today: Early Experience, Trauma, Neurobiology & Therapeutic Challenge
  • 18/19th October 2019
    Keynote: Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists, Psychotherapy Division
  • 10/10/19  cancelled!!
    BABCP SW  Bristol: One day workshop
    Attachment, compassion, the Brain and Health. Developmental Understandings and Clinical Implications
  • 8/10/19
  • 7/10/19
    Grief Encounter: Trauma and bereavement
    4th/5th October 2019

    Finland: Annual Child Psychotherapy conference (2 days with ricky emanuel)
  • 23/9/19
    Compassionate Mind Foundation
    Working with deactivated withdrawn states
  • 2/9/19
    Park View School, Haringey: Attachment, trauma and the brain
  • 29/6/19
    Trauma Recovery  centre, Conference,  Bath
    Trauma and Neglect
  • 18/6/19
    Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies: Annual Conference.  Bristol
    Adoption, trauma,the brain and challenges to caregiving
  • 7/5/19
  • IATE: Attachment, ruptures and repairs
  • 3/5/19
    Why Childhood Matters
    ACP event with Al Aynsley-Green
    tickets here
  • 29/3/19
    Compassionate Mind Foundation
    Workshop One: Understanding and working with Hyperactivated states: for details click here
    This workshop will concentrate on hyperactivated  attachment styles, such as in ambivalent attachment, and linked forms of emotional dysregulation. The science of emotional dysregualtion will be discussed, and its effects on psychological functioning, brain states and autonomic nervous system functioning. The roots of such states will be traced to early experiences. Time will be spent unpacking the clinical challenges of working with such states of mind and body. There will be space for discussion and role play and some live supervision.
  • 28/3/19
    Northern School of Psychotherapy Training
  • 5/3/19
    IATE : pre and post-natal life
  • 23/2/19
    Confer, Dublin
    Trauma through the lens of neurobiology, attachment theory and the body. Lessons from clinical experience and cutting-edge science. Details here
  • 8/2/19
    Therapeutic Wellbeing Practice for Children and Young People
    CCMH/IATE  2-5.30pm
  • 21/1/19
  • IATE Adult training: working with sex offenders
  • 10/1/19
    Anna freud/Tavistock centre
    ITSIEY Parent Infant Training: neurobiology and early experience


  • 17/11/18
    Salisbury: Trauma and the body
  • 26/11/18
    University of Hertfordshire, Arts Psychotherapy Training
    Adaptive attachments and nurturing natures
  • 20/10/18
    Tonbridge Wells Counselling centre
    Annual Conference: Attachment, therapy and the Brain with Jeremy Holmes
    For details click here
  • 9/10/18
    IATE  Trauma, abuse, neglect
  • 15/10/18
    Coram Families: half day training  for adoptive parents
  • 4th/5th October 2018
    Compassionate Mind Foundation Annual Conference, London
    The Therapeutic Relationship (symposium) for full program click here
  • 1/10/18
    Good Grief: trauma and bereavement
  • 27/9/18
    Place2be Evening lecture
  • 20/9/18
    Red Thread. Working in a trauma-informed way
  • 6th August
    Cape Town
    Lecture Buzz Trap pm
  • 5th. August 2018
    Cape town
    Case discussion/supervisions: IPCP facilitators and The Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic reading Group
  • 4th august 2018
    Cape Town South Africa
    Conference: Nurturing natures and Neglecting Neglect
  • 2nd/3rd August 2018
    Durban, South Africa, Talks and training
  • 27th/28th July
    Conference, Johanessburg: Nurturing Natures and Humans Adaptive Capacities
  • 26th July
    Johanessburg, South Africa, Scientific Meeting:   The Neglect of Neglect: Why neglect  has a far worse prognosis than overt trauma
  • 7/7/18
    Wimbledon Guild
    Working with body in trauma  Click for details
  • 14th/15th June 2018
    Icelandic Psychiatric Congress, Rejkavic
  • 1/6/18
    Mindfulness Masterclass (via Oxford and Bangor Mindfulness centres)
    Attaching or non-attaching: The meeting of mindfulness, emotional development, the brain and attachment theory
    Details here
  • 21/5/18
    Compassionate Mind Foundation
    Attachment theory and compassion
    Details here
  • 19/5/18
    Confer: Relational Babies: Towards a relational Developmental psychoanalysis
    detail here
    With Stephen Seligman, Anne Alvarez
  • 4th/5th May
    Istanbul Infant Observation
  • 21/4/18
    Basingstoke Counselling Service
    Working with developmental trauma
    Details here
  • 24/3/18
    British Association of Play Therapists, Annual conference, Keynote
    Neglect of neglect
  • 23/3/18
    Peripheral Visions:  Celebrating Jeremy Holmes’ contribution to attachment and psychodynamic psychotherapy
    Exeter University
  • 17/3/18
    Brighton Therapy partnership
    Working with Avoidant Attachment (with linda Cundy)
    Details here
  • 24/2/18
    Training for Adoptive Families, Coram
  • 3/2/18
    Attachment Conference: Adoption
    Wimbledon Guild
  • 1/2/18
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry London Regional Training: Psychiatry and Attachment
    “Seizing hope from the jaws of despair: Lessons from attachment, neurobiology and psychotherapeutic thinking”
  • 25/1/18
    Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies: Trauma, the Brain, Adoption and Challenges
  • 22/1/18
    IATE: Sexual acting out and violence
  • 10/1/18
    ITSIEY Parent Infant Training (Tavistock Anna Freud)


  • 11/12/17
    Training for Coram Social workers
  • 9/12/17
    Discussant on Film, Resilience at Global Health Film Festival, Barbican
    AIMH Conference, melbourne; the importance of supervision
  • 25/11/17
    Winnicott lecture
    Infant Mental Health Conference, Melbourne, Australia
  • 21/11/17
    Berry Street Childhood Institute. Melbourne
    The Buzz Trap: Adolescent States of Mind
  • 20/11/17
    Victoria Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists, Melbourne
    Trauma and the Body
  • 17/11/17
    Nurturing natures and Human Adaptive capacities
    Helen Mayo House, All day Workshop
  • 16/11/17
    Helen Mayo House Conference, Adelaide (plenaries on Neglecting Neglect and Importance of Play)
  • 15/11/17
    College of psychiatrists, Adelaide
  • 15/11/17
    MS McLeod Lecture, Adelaide Children and Women’s Hospital
  • 14/11/17
    Secure Care Forensic service, Adelaide, Australia,
  • 12/10/17
    Isle of Wight:
    Building Emotional resilience Conference ..
  • 2/10/17
    IATE Adult psychotherapy training:
    Impact of Early Experiences
  • 30/9 to 1/10/17
    neuroscience and psychoanalysis conference, Tavistock centre
    With mark Solms, Jim Hopkins, Tobias Nolte
  • 11/7/17
    Children and Young people’s IAPT: Anna Freud centre
  • 8/9th July 2017
    Istanbul child therapy training
  • 24/6/17
    The Buzz Trap: Adolescent states of mind and the new tech
    Sutton Counselling Service:
  • 15/6/17
    Britsih Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies,  South east Branch
    Attachment theory and its implications for therapeutic workA14/6/17
  • 14/6/17
    ITSIEY Parent Infant Training (Tavistock Anna Freud Centre)
  • 9/5/17
    Attachment, Ruptures and Repair, IATE
  • 27/4/17
    Q+A on Resilience and Adverse Childhood experiences
    Screening Princes Charles Cinema
    IATE: Attachment, ruptures and repair, early defences and the development of empathy
  • 25/3/17
    Bedford Counselling and Training: Attachment, trauma and the body
  • 18/19th March 2017
    Istanbul Child therapy training
  • 7/3/17
    IATE: Pre-natal life, post-natal capacities and the infant in the client and the clinician
  • 4/3/17
    Caspari Foundation AGM. For details and booking click here
  • 11/2/17
    FPC WPF Therapy
    Talk on Sloth as part of 7 Deadly Sins Series
  • 4/2/17
    Wimbledon Counselling Guild
    Day on avoidant attachment patterns


  • 8/9th December
    Istanbul Child therapy training weekend
  • 18/11/16
    House of Lords: IRCT Best Practice Forum
  • 3/12/16
    British Psychotherapy Foundation
  • 9/11/16
    Post Adoption Centre Conference
  • 1/11/16
    IATE Long-term effects of trauma, abuse and neglec
  • 19/ 20 October  2016
    Compassionate Mind International Conference: Integrating Body and Mind
  • 8/9th 10 16
    Helsinki, 2 day training event, Association of child psychotherapy, Finland
  • 1/10/16
    Brighton Therapy Partnership
  • 16/7/16
    Wimbledon Guild: The Impact of Technology and pornography use
  • 8/7/16
    Presentation at Mindfulness Conference Chester: Attachment and mindfulness
    Details here 
  • 7/7/16
    Keynote: Nurture Showcase Conference
    Fanhams Hall, Ware
  • 14/6/16
    International Training School for Infancy and Early years (ITSIEY)
    (Linked Tavistock, Anna Freud and Yale Training)  details here 
  • 10/6/16
    Brighton Psychotherapy
  • 24/5/16
    Ware Early Years Training
    The Amazing Potential of Infants and where it can all go wrong
  • 13/5/16
    Minster Centre
    Sex on the Brain: Pornography, the net and sexual behaviours
  • 14/5/16
    Place2B Alumni Conference: Bringing up the bodies
  • 10/5/16
    IATE Child Training
    ‘Attachment, ruptures and repair, early defences and the development of empathy’ (Year 2)
  • 16/4/16
    Keynote: Doncaster Early Years Conference  details and book here
  • 19/3/16
    Counselling Forum, Aberdeen
  • 8/3/16
    IATE Child Training
    ‘Pre-natal life, post-natal capacities and the infant in the client and the clinician’
  • 1/3/16
    Training for Islington Social Services
  • 8/2/16
    IATE adult training: Porn, internet addiction
  • 6/2/16
    Riverside Counselling Service, Oxford (morning)  For details and booking see here
  • 6/2/16
    Centre Child Mental health: Development, middle childhood, the brain (afternoon)
  • 23/1/16
    Re-Vision Conference: Keynote address
  • 19/1/16
    International Training School for Infancy and Early years (ITSIEY)
    (Linked Tavistock, Anna Freud and Yale Training)  details here


  • 10/12/15
    Newman Catholic College, Inset: Adolescence and the brain
  • 28/11/15
    Tilehouse Counselling Service, Hitchin, Herts
    ‘Bringing up the Bodies’: The importance of body awareness for psychotherapy and counselling
    To book or for more information click here
  • 3/11/15
    IATE child training: Impact of Neglect and Trauma
  • 2/11/15
    Division of Clinical Psychology East of England Branch, annual conference
    Girton College in Cambridge
    Attachment neurobiology and the effects of maltreatment on body and mind
  • 27/10/15
    Meeting of Minds at the Mind-Body Practice
    Buzz trap, Speed, Reactivity and the Effects of Modern Life & Cyberspace
  • 10/10/15
    Centre For child mental health
    Towards a Secure Society with Sue Gerhardt and Margot Sunderland
  • 5/10/15
    IATE Adult Training: Impact of early experiences
  • 19th to 24th September 2015
    Toronto Canada
    Lectures as visiting professor University of Guelph-Humber, Toronto
    +Talks for Toronto Psychoanalytic Society
  • 10/7/15
    The importance of play in early development
    Windfall Centre, mid-Wales
  • 3/4th July  2015
    Palermo Child psychotherapy Training
  • 12/6/14
    Kids Company Annual Lecture
  • 6/6/15
    Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Now: Individualism, Competition and Capitalism
  • 19/5/15
    meeting of Minds at the Mind-Body Practice
    Buzz trap, Speed, Reactivity and the Effects of Modern Life & Cyberspace
  • 16/5/15
    Place2Be Conference
  • 12/5/15
    IATE Attachment, rupture and repair
  • 1/5/14
    Mulberry Bush school
    All day conference on early trauma and behaviorial issues (3 presentations)
  • 20/4/15
    Barnardos, High Close School, Wokingham, Surrey
    Early maltreatment and its effects: INSET
  • 18/4/15
    Penn Green Centre
    Conference with Sue Gerhardt
    For details and to book  click here
  • 15/4/15
    Wessex psychotherapy Society
    Attachment and the Good Life
  • 27/28 March
    Palermo Child Psychotherapy Training
  • 19/3/15
    SICK! Festival Brighton
    Post performance discussion of Woe (Edit Kaldor) details here
  • 3/3/15
    IATE The importance of pre and postnatal life
  • 13/3/15
    Society of Analytical Psychology (london) (cancelled)
  • 28/2/15
    Wimbledon Guild for Psychotherapy
    Towards a more secure society:  how can neurobiology and developmental psychology contribute? with Sue Gerhardt
    For details and booking CLICK HERE
  • 27/2/15
    Challenging Neglect
    Human Development, Scotland: Marriott Hotel for details click here
  • 16/2/15
    IATE adult training
    Sexually Acting Out Behaviour and Porn
  • 7/2/15
    Centre Child Mental Health:
    Children in Turmoil Conference: click for details and booking
  • 20/1/15
    ITSIEY: Neurobiology of Early Development and Attachment
    See details
  • 27/2/15
    Glasgow: Conference on Neglect
    Annual Relationship-based Practice Conference
  • 7/2/15
    Centre Child mental health
    Child development: Middle childhood, brains, executive functions and worrying behaviours
    For details and to book CLICK HERE
  • 12/1/15
    Tavistock Clinic Trustwide Scientific meeting
    The Good, the Bad and the Stressed: The effects of trauma, stress and neglect on prosocial behaviour
  • 5/1/15
    Sara Bonnell School, Newham
    INSET Adolescent development, ordinary and worrying trajectories
  • 7/11/14
    Anna Freud Centre Colloquium: ‘Tradition and Innovation: Working with Under Fives’; Theoretical paper
  • 7/10/14
    IATE Long term effects of trauma, abuse and neglect
  • 29/9/14
    IATE Adult training
    The Impact of Early Experiences –child development in the context of culture and society
  • 20/9/14
    Limbus, Totnes: The Good life: For details click here
  • 5/9/14
    Lincoln Psycotherapy Lectures
    The Good Life: Wellbeing, altruism and how stress and trauma turn these off
  • 3/9/14
    Barnardos School, Tunbridge Wells
    INSET day. early development, maltreatment and developmental trajectories
  • 18/7/14
    Birmingham Training in Child Psychotherapy
  • 11th and 12th/7/14
    Palermo Child psychotherapy training
  • 17/7/14
    Woman’s Hour: On Empathy with Jane Garvey and Lesley Jamison
    Listen here
  • 27/8th/6/14
    Rome Psychoanalytic Society: Details of one talk here:
  • 23/6/14
    Kidscompany Training
  • 22/6/14
    Annual Child Psychotherapy Conference; keynote
    The buzz, addiction and the net
  • 20/6/14
    Tavistock Conference.Schools and challenging behaviours
  • 12/6/14
    WPF Therapy:
    Stress, Compassion an the Good Life click for details
  • 9th and 11th June
    International Training School for Infancy and Early years (ITSIEY)
    (Linked Tavistock, Anna Freud and Yale Training)  details here 
  • 3/6/14
    Grief Encounter: training on child bereavement and developmental issues
  • 19/5/14
    Trauma and attachment Conference, Surrey alongside Havid Howe and Kim Golding:
    Keynote: Why diagnosis fails maltreated children
  • 15/5/14
    Talk Radio Ireland: Moncrieff
    The Good Life  Listen here
  • 13/5/14
    All in the Mind (radio 4), with Claudia Hammond
    Listen here
  • 13/5/14
    IATE Attachment, mismatches and repair
  • 2/5/14
    The Importance of Play  click for details
  • 7/4/14
    Cork Bessborough Workshop Series
    Study days on early experience, neurobiological and attachment perspectives
  • 25/3/14
    What is Adolescence and why is it so unfair?’
    Brighton: Debate  in Wellcome Trust funded ‘SICK!’,
  • 17/3/14
    Early Years professionals conference, Leicestershire (TBC)
  • 8/3/14
    Cambridge Forum for Children’s Emotional Wellbeing
    Click for details
  • 7/3/14
    Talk: Sex on the brain, and driving the body
    Tavistock centre  click for details
  • 4/3/14
    IATE Infancy and prenatal life
  • 21+22/2/14
    Palermo Child Psychotherapy Training
  • 8/2/14
    Centre for Child Mental Health
    Troubled Children and cutting edge interventions
    click for details 
  • 30/1/14
    Otto Wolffe Memorial Lecture
    Paediatric Mental Health Association (PMHA)
    Highgate, Northampton for details click
  • 28/1/14
    British Psychological Society: Faculty of Paediatric Neuropsychology Annual Symposium
    Brain Development and Early Adversity, Winchester, with Charles Zeanah, Danya Glaser and Eamon McCrory
    click here for details
  • 27th and 29th January
    International Training School for Infancy and Early years (ITSIEY)
    (Linked Tavistock, Anna Freud and Yale Training)  details here 
  • 6/1/14
    King Solomon High school, Ilford
    Keynote: Attachment, the brain and the effects of maltreatment
  • 14/12/13
    Palermo child Psychotherapy Training
  • 13/12/13
    Catania University: Study Day and book Launch
  • 28/11/13
    Anna Freud UCL, MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice
  • 18/11/13
    Greenwhich Camhs Infancy Conference
  • 2/11/13
    Psychodynamic Practice/Birkbeck
    The Buzz Trap: speeded up lives, distractedness, impulsivity and less empathy
    click for details
  • September-October 2013
    VIPP (Video Intervention for promoting Positive Parenting
    Tavistock Centre click for details
  • 13/10/13
    Pen Green Centre, Corby
    The Importance of Relationships (With Wendy Lee)
  • 8/10/13
    IATE: Long term effect of early trauma and abuse
  • 30/9/13
    IATE Adult training: The importance of Early experiences
  • 29/9/13
    Palermo: IIPG and Centro Studi Martha Harris Study Day (Roots of Altruism) and booklaunch
  • 27/9/13
    Pallermo child Psychotherapy Training, Centro Studi Martha Harris
  • 24/9/13
    Play Scotland, Edinburgh, Conference, The Importance of Play
    For details click here
  • 3/9/13
    Keeping the Body in Mind (Summer School)
    Tavistock Centre Click for details
  • 28/6/13
    West Sussex Education Authority, Burgess Hill
    INSET Day for EBD Staff
  • 12/6/13
    International Training School for Infancy and Early years (ITSIEY)
    (Linked Tavistock, Anna Freud and Yale training)
  • 1/6/13
    London Centre for psychotherapy (intro course)
    Attachment and the brain
  • 24/5/13
    Palermo child Psychotherapy Training
  • 15/5/13
    Surrey Parent Infant Mental Health Conference
  • 10/5/13
    Royal College of Psychiatrists (Northern Ireland Division)
    Newcastle, Northern Ireland
    Why Diagnosis is not working for maltreated children
  • 5/3/13
    IATE: Attachment issues
  • 26/1/13
    IATE adolescence 1
  • 21/1/13
    IATE: Early Life Experiences
  • 17/1/13
    Anna Freud UCL MSC in Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice
  • 6/11/12
    Northern School of Psychotherapy
    Attachment, altruism and stress. Thoughts from clinical practice and developmental science on the impact of trauma and abuse on prosocial and empathic capacities
    For details click here
  • 26/6/12
    Qunitin Kynaston School
    Attachment issues
  • 17/6/12
    Enfield Heart conference: Thinking about primary school children who have suffered abuse and are in the Care System
  • 8/9th June
    Palermo Child Psychotherapy training
  • 15/6/12
    The Mind and the Heart of the Other: Understanding, and intervening with, the impact of childhood trauma across the lifespan
    Dartington Hall, Devon.
  • 9/5/12
    CAPPNI CHild Psychotherapy Northern Ireland
    Study Day on Trauma
    Public Lecture: The Roots of Altruism and the threats to it
  • 3/5/12
    British Association Psychotherapy
    Scientific lecture: The Good, the Bad and the Anxious
  • 2/5/12
    ITSIEY (International Training School for Infancy and Early years
    Anna Freud Centre, Yale University  and Tavistcock Centre
    The internal and external world of infant (half day). Info  about ITSEY at
  • 2/5/12
    Anna Freud Centre : Conference: Life Changes, Life Chances? Making Decisions about
    Children in Care Proceedings
  • 27/4/12
    Pegasus Psychotherapy Association, Oxford
    Antisocial and prosocial behaviours and their roots in infancy:click for details
  • 21/4/12
    London Centre for Psychotherapy.
    Implications of Attachment and Neuroscience
  • 26/3/12
    Westminster Pastoral Foundation:
    Happiness and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Happy Together?
  • 19/3/12
    Grief Encounter Bereavement service
    Talk on Trauma, and Bereavement
  • 8-9th/3/12
    Palermo child psychotherapy training
  • 25/2/13
    The Foundation for Counselling and Psychotherapy
    WPF Therapy
    Effects of stress and trauma on prosociality
  • 18/2/12
    Confer: Clinical Applications of attachment Theory
    Altruism, attachment and trauma
  • 13/2/12
    Neglect and Trauma Conference
    West Sussex LSCB9/2/12
    The continuing neglect of neglect; worrying sequelae
  • 3/4 February 2012
    Palermo. Centro Studio Martha Harris: Child psychotherapy Training
  • 30/1/12
    London Borough of Newham
    Early Years Team
    Whole day training on attachment and child development
  • 25/1/12
    ITSIEY (International Training School for Infancy and Early years
    Anna Freud Centre, Yale University and Tavistcock Centre
    The internal and external world of infant (half day)
  • 13/1/12
    Surrey Education Service Full Day Training
    Training on attachment, neuroscience and child development for education work
  • 12/1/12
    UCL/Anna Freud Child Development Course
    The Effects of Prenatal Experiences (lecture)
  • 9/1/12
    American School
    The neuroscience of adolescence: What parents need to Know
  • 17/12/11
    IATE adolescent training:
    Adolescent Brain, Culture and Group Life (study day)
  • 27/11/11
    Occupy London Tent University
    Are babies born co-operative and fair?
  • 14/10/11
    Newham social services:
    child development and attachment and the effects of maltreatment
    (full day)
  • 17/9/11
    Dorset Psychotherapy Association
    Child development and developmental science
    (Study Day)
  • 14/7/11:
    Tower Hamlets CAMHS: Implications of Neglect (Lecture)
  • 1/7/11: Bristol Infancy conference
    The Emotional Life of the Infant:Lessons from Brain research
  • 16/6/11:
    Conference – The Emotional Development of the Infant
    Ruptures and Repair and the development of the capacity for Resilience
  • 25-26th/5/11:
    Palermo: Child Psychotherapy and Observation Course Training
  • 13/5/11:
    Leicester CAMHS: Study Day. Implications of developmental research for clinical practice
  • 7/4/11:
    Child Protection Special Interest Group (CPSIG):Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) Annual Conference:Warwick University
  • 31/3/11- 1/4/11
    Containing, Observing, Under 5’s work, tavistock
  • 24-25/3/11:
    Palermo Teaching
  • 21/3/11:
    NSCAP Leeds: Conference
    Promoting Recovery
  • 18/3/11:
    Surrey Educational Psychologists
    Emotional Aspects of Teaching and Learning: Working with maltreated children
  • 18/1/11:
    Royal College of Paediatricians (Child Protection Special Interest Group)
    Recognising neglect
  • 26/11/10:
    Tavistock Fostering and Adoption Conference
    Working with Relational Trauma
    the Challenge of Neglect
  • 19/11/10:
    Cardiff/Chepstow. Conference. Keynote Speaker.
    Understanding looked After Children: Lessons from the Developmental research
  • 4/11/10:
    National Careleavers week, Public lecture
    Adolescent Brain Development: Its relevance to understanding careleavers
  • 29/30 November 2010:
    Training in Young Child Observation and Clinical Training for Child Psychotherapy
  • 24/9/10:
    British association Adoption and Fostering: Conference’Why Neglect matters’
    Neglect and its neglect: psychological factors

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