10 new research findings that might be of interest from the last week

Suicide rate shoots up in UK

Huge increase in ADHD diagnoses

Psychiatrists with ethics training less likely to push branded drugs

Loneliness is bad for health

‘Cool’ kinds are often bullies

Fooling ourselves about multi-tasking

Kids who worry do better at school

Choosing high calories in hard times

Abuse at home and violence in romance linked

Different susceptibility to both positive and negative experiences

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10 interesting research findings from the last week

New research on paedophilia

Air pollution and happiness correlated

Massive search for gene for depression finds nothing!

Loneliness lowers immune responses

Brain changes and childhood trauma

Facebook affects social control, BMI and credit card use

Emotional regulation, the brain and borderline personality disorder

Mindfulness may reduce inflammation eg in arthritis

Reasoning and perspective taking start early

A higher status role gives people a thicker skin, more able to ride difficulties

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14/12/12 hand-picked research findings from the last week

Giving fathers oxytocin makes them more attuned and leads to more responsive babies

Effects of violent videos get worse, the more they are played

How cell phone use damages creativity

Schizophrenia linked to social inequality

Psychosocial stress increases the risk of strokes

We become synchronised, body and brain, as we become bonded

Some hunger in childhood reduces cognitive decline later

Antisocial behaviour, nature and nurture

Child abuse linked to later ashma

More TV, and TV in bedroom, leads to more obese children

Fit children do best in class as well

Link between early parent-child interactions and later autistic symptoms


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9/12/12 some interesting research findings from the last week

Higher testosterone levels equates with lower empathic accuracy

Extrovert gorillas live longer

Multiple media use linked with anxiety and depression

Stress linked to heart attacks and diabetes in women

Higher death rate for childless couples

Happiness increases as we age

Practice can make excellent liars

Doctors’ empathy increases tolerance to pain

Pinnochio story true|: nose temperature increases when we lie!

Nostalgia literally makes us feel warmer

Epigenetic effects of childhood trauma

Fittest kids perform best academically

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24/11/12 ten exciting psychology research findings from this week

Less ability to pay attention linked to shorter telomeres and worse immune functioning

Sadness affects peoples finances, increases impulsive spending

Risk of heart attacks increased with job loss

We do not conform blindly: critiquing Milgram and Lombardo

Happiness when young predicts greater wealth on growing up

Bad childhood experiences is the real predictor of PTSD in combat soldiers

In t together? New research on the origins of group cooperation

Children who attend daycare are more likely to be overweight

Oxytocin associated with bonding and caregiving in foster carers

Link between internet use and psychosis?

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18/11/12 Ten fascinating research findings from this week

Stress in pregnancy can lead to being bullied later in school

Placebo works better when for more  resilient people

Oxytocin makes males more faithful!

Different kinds of meditation affect the brain and arousal systems differently

How child abuse affects immune functioning when children grow up

Even moderate drinking in pregnancy can affect a child’s IQ

Meditation reduces risk of death by heart attack or stroke in heart patients

Alexithymia, or emotional disconnectedness, is a risk to marriage

Dancing helps stress and psychosomatic problems in teenage girls

Social isolation disrupts production of white matter in the brains of animals

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