Brexit, project fear, brains, racism inequality and the other

Many of us are shocked to the core by the referendum result, and even more so by the campaign and the way it was conducted, especially its racist undertones. In many ways this was a protest vote, and whatever his weaknesses Corbyn has understood that inequality, uncertainty and the increasing power of smaller elites has impacted powerfully. What the left seem not to have learnt from its history lessons is how at times of serious crisis people become inward and conservative and indeed, often xenophobic and distrustful of the other. This makes more sense when we understand just what fear, anxiety and anger does to the brain.

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Guest — Valérie Mortin
Spot on Graham. What shocked me was the total fragmentation this referendum has created...young vs old, poor vs rich, educated vs ... Read More
Sunday, 03 July 2016 21:00
Guest — Francesca Spagnoli
Reading your article it seems possible to hope for a better future for us, but more importantly, our future generations.
Sunday, 03 July 2016 22:17
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