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Igniting hope and joy after trauma and depression

“This book is absolutely brilliant, beautifully written, with a fantastic central metaphor about sparking and those who have lost spark.”
Dr. Karen Treisman. MBE, TedX speaker, author

How can we respark hope and joy after depression and trauma? Acclaimed psychotherapist and trauma expert, Graham Music, distills decades of experience into a road-map for reigniting zest and optimism in troubled adults and children.

In these challenging times many feel unmotivated, listless and have lost their mojo. Some have retreated after trauma, others are depressed, or succumb to addictive temptations such as screens. Too many have lost both ease and enthusiasm.

Weaving cutting-edge science, therapeutic wisdom, and deep humanity, Music uses fascinating tales from the consulting room and life to outline the steps needed in each case to regenerate confidence and desire.

Whether you are a therapist, professional, parent, or just looking to find inspiration, this book offers a captivating and hope-filled journey, showing how we can rediscover vitality and passion to live richer lives.

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